Animals are living things like humans but they dont have education. Most of the animals walk on four legs. Some animals are herbivorous (eat plants), some are carnivorous (eat meat) and some are omnivorous(eat plants and meat). Animals also help humans


They give us cloth material

They give us food

They carry loads for us e.t.c.

Wild animals are found in forests but you cannot go there because its dangerous. You can see them in zoos. Sea animals live in seas.

Animals can also be kept as pets and that is why some humans love animals. Not all animals can be kept as pets.

Like humans, animals also need food and water to live but they dont eat human’s food. They eat their special kinds of food like a herbivores eat plants, a carnivore eats meat and an omnivores eat meat and they also eat plants.

Animals have all the senses but they cant talk. The animals which do not live on earth anymore are called extinct. The animals which are about to be extinct are called endangered animals.

Animals not only live on land but they also live in water(sea animals). Animals also live in the air. These animals are called birds. Birds aren’t animals but they are like animals. Even fishes aren’t animals but they are like animals.

Above: 2 killer whales in the sea

So thats all the basic information you need to know about animals.


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