Birds are another types of animals. Birds have wings which are used to fly. Not all birds are friendly. Even some of them eat humans!!! Birds make their food from ground but they usually stay in the air. Some birds can also be kept as pets. Birds are of many kinds:

  1. Eagle is a man-eater
  2. Vultures are also man-eaters
  3. Sparrows are common birds. You see them very often
  4. Crows are also very common
  5. Kingfishers are rare. They live near the sea
  6. Hummingbirds are birds which are not everywhere. If you plant a HIBISCUS plant in your house, this bird will come to your house. These birds put their beaks into the flowers and when they go back home, they regurgitate the same food to the young ones.
  7. Parrots can be kept as pets. There are a thousand kinds of parrots in the world. Macaws,lovebirds(listed below) are also types of parrots. Some parrots also can be trained to talk.
  8. Macaws are parrots
  9. Lovebirds are again parrots
  10. and much much more

Like animals,birds are also found in forests but they also live on hills.

Birds have many types of species.

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