The Doomed Shirt

This is a short story that I had written and hope you enjoy it.

It is 2012 and as you know the population of the world had increased but Planet Urencary took good care of it. This is a story in the city of Motuvun and the town of Hum  Now there is a thief whose name is Hurdan who has escaped from prison and has taken a job in a clothes shop as a clothes maker. He has fooled the owner into thinking that he has come from Levi’s Strauss. He is actually a psycho and kills people.

The owner accepted him as a person being impressed by his CV (Curriculum Vitae).  He is a psycho guy so he is creating a shirt which has such a chemical in it (made by his friend, the scientist, the brains of the gang) that poisons a person as soon as it touches his body. He is now trying to sell those shirts to kill people.

In a small town of Hum, there lived a man name d Jonathan. He was being educated from a good university in chemistry. He often visited the town to buy new clothes for himself as he loved them a lot. Once he was heading for the city, when he passed through that shop and smelled a chemical, he had recently learned, that was highly dangerous and poisonous. He went there and followed the smell to the shirt. Hurdan hid it and sprayed an air freshener so that the guy doesn’t know the illegal work.

Jonathan stopped smelling it so he continued his journey. On the way back he again smelled the smell and this time the shirt was right in front of him. He went there, threw it, captured Hurdan and got a reward from the MPD that he used to create his town a tourist express


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